Taste of Mind

Just like the rest  of us,  Dimitri  was born  naked. There  is nothing  special about a  baby being naked and most of us can remember feeling free that way. A baby’s nakedness is nothing but a symbol of what he experiences, his openness of heart and mind. What makes  Dimitri special is his ability to remain “naked”, despite the pressure of  society  to  conform and “fit in”. In  his art, nudity is  a  metaphor  for the  freedom which  shines through his entire self.  According to him, being naked connects him to the  elements  of  nature  and gives him  energy. Is  that  why  his enthusiasm for life and  contagious  “joie de vivre”  touches all  those around him?  Indeed, his overflow of bubbling creativity comes from his allowing to be himself and trust life entirely. And harnessing this innate quality of believing in ones potential helps him create the life he wants. I am fascinated by Dimitri’s ability to expose himself as a child would : hair in winds of expansion, ever-so-ready to receive and surf on those waves of inspiration he draws from nature  and the world. In his  letting  go  and being so  “naked”,  he  mirrors  the  immensity of  possibilities.  By expressing himself, Dimitri inspires us to do the same according  to  our  unique  potential  and talents. And it almost seems like a responsibility each of us has towards ourselves : to discover what it is that makes us shine and live in a way that honors what we’ve found. Is that where the freedom of that baby we once were still resides ?